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The Most Deadly Disease of All: DENIAL (PDF)

No matter what the statistics show about Heart Disease or Cancer, or any other disease, the disease of DENIAL kills more people every year than any other disease. It isn't just that it kills more people every year; it also maims, cripples, disables, and incapacitates more people and those close to them, than anything else.


Healing TMJ Naturally (PDF)

Sometimes we need to think outside of the box, such as to give ourselves permission to change a belief or paradigm that we have developed. One such disabling belief is that doctors, dentists and other health professionals can heal you. These health professionals can sometimes guide you in the direction you need to go, but they cannot provide healing.

Healing comes naturally; it is innate, it's part of our wondrous design.

It may be a stretch for you to believe that you know more about healing than your doctor or dentist, but it is something I suggest that you start thinking about (meditating on).


A Holistic Approach to TMJ (PDF)

Utilizing Advanced Therapeutic Massage Techniques, Nutritional Therapy, and Emotional Release Processes. Understand that TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) pain and associated problems make it difficult if not impossible to identify the exact nature of the cause of the problem. Holistic Specifics has approached TMJ with the attitude that we cannot fix everyone, but we can contribute greatly in the wellbeing and recovery of the many who are now suffering...


Holistic Foundations, Foundational Living,
"Where Parts Become Whole" (PDF)

Many people are aware of the biblical story about houses, one being built on sand and the other built on solid rock. Just picture both of those houses in your mind and imagine which house you would rather own and be living in, if you knew that hurricane (Katrina) was about to come ashore. It is in our best interests to provide the best foundation for our lives that we possibly can and to apply the foundation principle in all areas of our lives.



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