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We'd love to hear from you. If you're a first-time visitor that's experiencing tension type or migraine headaches, or other headache related dysfunctions, we're here to provide you with answers. If you have had headaches over a long period of time, please tell us about the steps and treatments you've already taken to get beyond your headaches. Let us know what has worked and what hasn't.

Headaches are a multi-faceted problem, with various treatments suggested by various professionals. We've approached the Tension type and Migraine Headaches, from a holistic perspective. Your Headaches (as difficult as it seems to realize) can be reduced or eliminated with lifestyle changes. We've seen it over and over again by following our step-by-step approach to releiving headache pain.

For those of you that have viewed our Headache Relief DVD, we would love to receive a testimonial, with a picture of you if possible. We readily encourage you to send us any questions you have about your headaches. Or send us comments about Headache or Migraine related treatments that have worked for you.

Our business depends on your satisfaction, so please keep in touch.

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