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128 minute video packed full of information and solutions to your Headache and Migraine problems.

Bonus Features: Holistic Insights

When completed, Headache and Migraine Relief and Holisitc Insights will be released as a 2-disc set. The subjects included on the Holistic Insights disc will be:

  • Core Exercises and Movement
  • Detoxification of the Body
  • Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
  • Foundational Nutrition
  • Massage Techniques (Shiatsu and Acupressure included)
  • Singing Affirmations

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Chapter by Chapter Benefits

Chapter 1 - The Holistic Approach
The Holistic Principles are defined in easy to understand method.
Chapter 2 – Anatomy
Defines what connects to what and how those connections affect each other.
Chapter 3 – Symptoms of Migraine Headaches
The symptoms of tension type and migraine headaches are defined so you can evaluate and determine your progress.
Chapter 4 – Causes of Headaches
15 causes of both tension type and migraine headaches that you might not be aware of.
Chapter 5 – Physiology of Head Trauma
Bangs, blows and whiplash and how they set the stage for headaches later on in life.
Chapter 6 – Psychology Behind Headaches
You’ll be able to handle your stress and problems differently than you have in the past. We show you HOW and teach you WHY the need to relax is so important.

Proven techniques that are easy to incorporate into your life. Start your improvements immediately!

Chapter 7 – Postural Balance
Bad posture contributes to your headaches and we show you what you can do about it.
Chapter 8 – Neuro Muscular/Mental-Muscle Interaction
Shows you how to take charge of your habits.
Chapter 9 – Pain Scale
Develop a response to discomfort and pain instead of just reacting. Reacting is a habit, responding is awareness with thinking.
Chapter 10 – Dealing with Stress
Numerous effective, practical examples are provided for dealing with stress.
Chapter 11 – Breathing
Different breathing techniques are demonstrated to maximize your recovery.
Chapter 12 – Beliefs
Mind games, beliefs and habits. Where they are located and how to change them!
Chapter 13 – Headaches: Causes and Cures
TMJD, triggers, subtle issues like CO2 and more!

Entertaining, alternative solutions to your Migraine Headache symptoms.

Chapter 14– Obvious Solutions
Very cost-effective and easy-to-implement ideas in solving your migraines.
Chapter 16 – Massage Techniques
Massage gives instant relief in many cases – practical steps you can use daily on your road to recovery.
Chapter 17 – Nutrition
The body is in a constant search for balance / homeostasis – Our DVD gives you the information about what you need to provide that balance.
Chapter 18 – Circulatory System
Good circulation is extremely important to being headache free. Our video gives you practical techniques to enhance your circulatory system.
Chapter 19 – Exercise
The body was designed to move and exercise. We show easy, simple and fun methods of staying healthy.
Chapter 20 – Mind Therapies
Never underestimate emotional baggage. We show you why you hang on to it and how to let it go.
Chapter 21– Summary, a summation of the entire DVD
Stress Busters given as step-by-step – impactful - simple, concise suggestions – which, when implemented puts you on the road to recovery.


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