Massage Aids



Devices to ease the way you deal with Stress and Tension!

The S Curve is meant to be used for trigger point therapy,
using continuous pressure instead of massaging the area that is hurting.


  • Hook either S portion of the curve over your shoulder.
  • Bring the hand opposite the shoulder being worked on, across and use it as a support, in the middle of the S Curve.
  • Use the hand on the side being worked on to pull out and down on the S Curve, putting pressure on, and holding the pressure on, the most tender spot.
  • Use continuous pressure for 60 to 90 seconds + before changing to another spot.
  • Add deep breathing to the process to assist in the release of the tension, stress and pain, that the body is experiencing.
  • Price: $20.00

I not only own one “S” but two -- one for my place of employment and the other at home. My job entails computer data entry for 8 hours each day, causing pain within my shoulders and neck. The S Curve has relieved that pain. Simply by applying pressure to my sore muscles and directing my attention to these spots, I am able to relax and thus relieve the pain. It’s easy to use because it is small and convenient. I am able to us my keyboard and the S Curve at the same time. My only concerns is that I need 30 more, one for each of my co-workers. It has become quite the conversation piece and is always out on loan. In this world of ergonomic problems, the S Curve should be a staple at every desk, just as vital as a pen and paper.


                 Donna Ames


healing holistically