Sick and Tired of Suffering with
Jaw Pain, Headaches,
Neck and Shoulder Tension?

Are you living with chronic pain?
Are doctors and dentists FAILING to solve your problem?

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Temporo-Mandibular Joint

It is estimated that 10 million people suffer with TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorder). A holistic approach can significantly reduce those TMJD symptoms and assist those with TMJ syndrome in having a happier, healthier, pain-free life.


Pain relievers not working anymore? Taking more and more with less effect?

Are you waking up in the morning dreading another day of pain?


If you have jaw tightness or pain, if you have clicking or popping, if you grind your teeth at night or clench them together during the day, if you have TMJ-related headaches, YOU NEED THIS VIDEO. Early treatment gives you a much better chance of eliminating TMJ than if you let it progress to an articular (bone on bone) problem.

Are you trusting your doctors and dentists advice, even though you feel what they’re saying doesn’t agree with what you know and understand is right for you?

Is there really a cure for TMJ?


There is an answer. You could be living a pain-free life!

THE DVD provides an understanding of what you are experiencing, reasons for what you experience, plus exercises and solutions for getting beyond your TMJ.

All information is secure and confidential.

Chapter by Chapter Benefits

Chapter 1 - The Holistic Approach. Simplifies the path to recovery by providing a step-by-step process.


The video really made me appreciate how crucial it is to maintain balance in the body to ensure that all of its systems operate at maximum efficiency. The information made me appreciate that if I had something out of whack, it could make other things out of whack, too. Informative and intuitive, and presented in a way in which a lay person could easily understand.

-- Lance Robert, Technical Writer

Chapter 2Anatomy. By having a picture of the muscles and bones involved, you can pinpoint the areas causing that pain. This allows you to choose methods that will treat the problem and not just mask over the symptoms.


I enjoyed the examples that were given.  I wish I could have had this information included in my massage school curriculum. Your examples in both text and visuals allowed me a greater comprehension of the TMJ problem.

– Mindy Nelson, Massage Therapist

Chapter 3Symptoms of TMJ. By understanding all of the symptoms, you can evaluate your own situation and make better choices as to your plan of recovery.

Impressed with your video. I would recommend this video to anyone. As a doctor of chiropractic, that's what I look for in any health product for myself and my patients.

— Jeffery Ring, D.C., Q.M.E.

Chapter 4Causes of TMJ. TMJD is a multi-faceted problem and takes a multi-faceted approach to put it in remission. By understanding all of the causes, you can put a better plan of action into place and follow it to recovery.

Chapter 5Physiology of TMJ. When you understand the fascia connection, you can unravel the various causes that you are experiencing from a mechanical standpoint.

Chapter 6Psychology of TMJ. By understanding the role the mind plays in the problem, you can make better / more intelligent choices and/or change beliefs that will allow you to relax during stressful situations. You’ll be able to handle your stress and problems differently than you have in the past.

What I learned while watching the video has empowered me to make appropriate choices that will contribute to the health of not only my jaw but my entire body. I am grateful for this learning experience!

-- Judy Orr, Retired Human Resources Director

Proven techniques that are easy to incorporate into your life.
Start your improvements immediately.

Chapter 7Postural Balance. This section defines and shows the importance of posture in establishing health in the body. Our suggestions for postural improvement will be a major contributing factor in getting beyond your TMJD.

As a dancer, I recognize how important posture is to my ability to flow while dancing. I had not connected how posture might be affecting my jaw and contributing to my TMJ. This video described posture issues and how the body and mind work so closely together.

--Jaana Kunitz, World Class Ballroom Dancer

Chapter 8Neuro Muscular/mental-muscle interaction. We define ways of getting in touch with and eliminating those things that you don’t know that you know, that are contributing to your TMJD. By applying the awareness techniques we teach, you will be able to take charge of your habits.

Chapter 9Pain Scale. Our pain scale will show you that you have more than one choice when it comes to dealing with your discomfort.

Chapter 10Dealing with Stress. The TMJ Relief DVD gives you examples of practical methods of dealing with your stress, and when incorporated into your life, will reduce the amount of stress you live with everyday.

Chapter 11Breathing. We provide a very powerful Stress Reduction example that allows you to deal successfully with the stressors in your life.

Chapter 12Beliefs. Establishes a direct connection between what you have in your subconscious and how your beliefs and habits continue the cycle of pain. We describe in simple steps how you can start to change those beliefs and habits to get beyond your discomfort.

Chapter 13Bruxism, the causes and cures.
Grinding of the teeth can contribute to TMJD. We discuss the causes and provide solutions to reduce bruxism’s disastrous effects. You can eliminate your clenching and grinding.


Professional quality. You certainly represent a well-qualified referral point. -- A. Lamar Byrd, DDS

Chapter 14Occlusions (malocclusion / mis-bites). Jaw misalignment can be a contributor to your TMJD. We discuss what can be done, step by step, to bring your jaw back into alignment. We provide methods that allow you to chew normally, laugh and yawn comfortably

Entertaining, alternative solutions to your TMJ conditions.

Chapter 15Obvious Solutions. To put your TMJD into remission, we look at some of the obvious / practical concepts that you can apply. Various effective exercises to reduce and prevent TMJ pain. Very cost-effective and easy-to-implement ideas in solving your TMJD.


As a sufferer, the techniques helped to reduce the pain completely. My chiropractor says my jaw feels brand new! My patients have reported great results since I started using the techniques shown in the DVD.

--Heather Banks, N.C.M.T.

Chapter 16Massage Techniques. Massage gives instant relief in many cases – Not a total solution but a practical step you can use daily on your road to recovery.

I enjoyed the examples that were given.  I wish I could have had this information included in my massage school curriculum. Your examples in both text and visuals allowed me a greater comprehension of the TMJ problem.

– Mindy Nelson, Massage Therapist

Chapter 17Nutrition. The body is in a constant search for balance / homeostasis – giving the body what it needs provides that balance. With more effective nutrition and supplementation you can shorten your recovery time. Your body will heal much faster with full vitality.

Very comprehensive video. I’ve studied for over 15 years how healing with food and detoxification affects health and wellness. From the nutrition point of view, this video resonates. A simple exercise you gave, such as the wrist flick, gives the body the ability to dislodge toxins. You’ve definitely studied your stuff.

--Robert Yarosh, Executive Chef

Chapter 18Circulatory System. Proper circulation provides a healthy environment in the body and shortens your recovery time by removing the toxins from the diseased areas via good blood flow.

Chapter 19Exercise. We define all aspects of exercise and explain how you can monitor your progress on your way to recovery. Your body will feel less pain. The practical TMJ exercises set conditions for healing of your jaw.


This DVD was well done. When it comes to information, humor, massage and exercise techniques, all were covered in a down-to-earth way. I use the exercises and they work!

— Lisa Soto, chef / dancer

Chapter 20Mind Therapies. Examples of easy, practical, low or no cost approaches to overcoming stress, depression, and low self esteem. Our methods provide you a way of getting rid or your emotional baggage.

Chapter 21Dr.'s, Dentists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Acupuncture. Different practitioners talk about their approaches to TMJD and how they can help you recover from TMJD. Making informed decisions allows you to choose the path you want to follow.


This video is essential for anyone who is suffering from TMJ. The instructors teach you how to properly manage the dysfunction.

-- Cameron Sutter, DC

Chapter 22Summary, a summation of the entire DVD.
Stress Busters given as step-by-step – impactful - simple concise suggestions – which, when implemented puts you on the road to recovery.


I don't have TMJ but was amazed that I could get some AH-HA's to improve my life as well.

— Nathan Petty, Professional Videographer

TMJ Relief DVD

This TMJ Relief video empowers YOU. This video provides solutions for your jaw pain and directions on how to overcome TMJD syndrome on a step-by-step basis. You, too, can enjoy an enhanced lifestyle. There is a path to recovery, YOU CAN be in control, and enjoy a healthy pain-free life.


All information is secure and confidential.


75 years of combined experience providing you knowledgeable, practical suggestions that work.

Nationally certified, licensed Holistic Health Practitioners providing quality education that's easy to watch.


You approached me to help market your TMJ Relief DVD. While watching your video, I did the exercises you recommended for relieving the symptoms of TMJ. Little did I expect that a TMJ video could help me with my headaches. Once I did the exercises on your DVD, I went from having headaches twice a week to once every 2 months. Think of what would have happened if I had TMJ and followed all of the suggestions!

— Ann DeVere, Marketing Expert


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"This video is essential for anyone who is suffering from TMJ. The instructors teach you how to properly manage the dysfunction."

— Cameron Sutter, DC


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Self-Massage Techniques

Foundational Nutrition

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Detoxification of the Body

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