"Professional quality. You certainly represent a well-qualified referral point."

— A. Lamar Byrd, DDS


"This video is essential for anyone who is suffering from TMJ. The instructors teach you how to properly manage the dysfunction."

— Cameron Sutter, DC


"As a sufferer, the techniques helped to reduce the pain completely. My chiropractor says my jaw feels brand new! My patients have reported great results since I started using the techniques shown in the DVD.."

— Heather Banks, N.C.M.T.


"Impressed with your video. I would recommend this video to anyone. As a doctor of chiropractic, that's what I look for in any health product for myself and my patients."

— Jeffery Ring, D.C., Q.M.E.


"I don't have TMJ but was amazed that I could get some AH-HA's to improve my life as well."

— Nathan Petty, Professional Videographer


"This DVD was well done. When it comes to information, humor, massage and exercise techniques, all were covered in a down-to-earth way. I use the exercises and they work!"

-- Lisa Soto, chef / dancer


"The video really made me appreciate how crucial it is to maintain balance in the body to ensure that all of its systems operate at maximum efficiency. The information made me appreciate that if I had something out of whack, it could make other things out of whack, too. Informative and intuitive, and presented in a way in which a lay person could easily understand."

-- Lance Robert, Technical Writer


"You approached me to help market your TMJ Relief DVD. While watching your video, I did the exercises you recommended for relieving the symptoms of TMJ. Little did I expect that a TMJ video could help me with my headaches. Once I did the exercises on your DVD, I went from having headaches twice a week to once every 2 months. Think of what would have happened if I had TMJ and followed all of the suggestions!"

-- Ann DeVere, Marketing Expert


"I enjoyed the examples that were given.  I wish I could have had this information included in my massage school curriculum. Your examples in both text and visuals allowed me a greater comprehension of the TMJ problem."

– Mindy Nelson, Massage Therapist


"Impressed with your TMJ Relief video. Special Features were excellent. Smooth and professional, the content, production and quality were outstanding."

— Donna Peterson, U.S. Customs


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