Holistic Specifics : Natural health therapies for your whole body, mind and spirit.

Transforming the
Spirit - Body - Mind for a
complete Healing Experience

We are Spirit, living in a body, and bestowed with a consciousness called mind.

To experience total Joy, Health, and Peace of mind it is imperative that we bring each of these realms into a balance with each other.

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The Holistic Approach

When we talk about the Holistic Approach to health and healing we are looking at the Whole, Everything, All of it, the Complete picture, becoming Totally Restored.

The (H) replaces the (W) in whole - as an indicator that (Holistic) has to do with Health or Healing.

Using a Holistic Approach implies that you will use (all) available processes to restore or replenish whatever (parts) are compromised (you fix the problem) so that the whole being / entity becomes perfect and not just treat a symptom.

The Holistic Approach leads to total restoration of all parts using every / all viable means available in the process.

The Holistic Approach starts with Awareness, leading to Willingness, then making a Decision, which moves a person to Action, which gives us the results called life.

The Holistic Approach always starts with the simplest approach and moves towards the more complex solutions.

The Holistic Approach believes that pain is an indicator (like an engine light) and is trying to tell us that something is out of balance on one of the three plains, either body, mind or Spirit.

The Holistic Approach includes the interplay between the body, mind and Spirit and includes a restoration of all three in order to have total healing.

The Holistic Approach applies to wherever you are on the path of health. A person with perfect health can apply it to their lives and a person with stage four cancer can also use it successfully.