Holistic Specifics

About Holistic Specifics

Meet the Founders

Holistic Specifics was founded in 2005 by Rachael Paddock H.H.P. and Michael McCright H.H.P., CMT, CHt, DD, PAS (Holistic Health Practitioners) providing over 75 years of combined practical experience, holistic approaches, and alternative concepts to the healing arena.

Michael McCright and Rachael Paddock: the Experts behind Holistic Specifics Health DVD Products

Using the power of video, they have created practical approach DVD's that explain in layman's terms the in's and out's of health and healing. How you can evaluate your situation, take responsibility, and how to use Slight Edge Principles to regain your health and vitality.

Holistic Specifics was formed to help each individual perfect the Art of Prevention.

The Vision of Holistic Specifics is to provide Essential Healing Solutions to suffering individuals no matter their level of suffering.

The Purpose of Holistic Specifics is to provide the information, education, and motivation, which can be used by individuals to move to the next level of Health.

At this time (June 2010) Rachael has decided to promote her “I Am Worthy” affirmations CD full time but will remain on the advisory staff and as a consultant and contributor to future products from Holistic Specifics.

Michael will continue to work full time assisting people prefect the Art of Prevention through the Holistic Specifics Network.