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Spiritual Growth - How Important is it

Understanding the Relationship of Body, Mind and Spirit : by Michael McCright

Life is basically a trinity - we are born, we live life, and then we translate.

You were born a spiritual being, at this moment in time you are a spiritual being, and you will remain a spiritual being for the remainder of your life. As a spiritual being you possess a body and are endowed with a thinking process called the mind. With that said there is another trinity to consider, which is the body, mind and Spirit.

When we are born, everything is material and is in relationship to the body. When are we going to be fed, when are we going to be changed? Life is all about us and we are understandably selfish. Some people never graduate beyond adolescence and go through life demanding things as they did as children. They expect those material "things" to satisfy them and make them happy. And when they find themselves dissatisfied they go on to the next goal, the next "thing" that will fix them.

Those that do graduate beyond the material begin to understand that the mind plays a very important part in relating to others and to life. They learn to control their emotions, using intuition and reason to help in understanding others. They use concentration and memory to remember lessons they learned in the past so they don't make the same mistakes. They also learn to dream and visualize and find that what they think about passionately will typically manifest in the material world as a physical thing. Many people accept what the mind can do for them and cease growing beyond this point.

However, when we allow our growth in the world of enlightenment to continue we come to the realization that many times the things we think about don't manifest. We find that thought, as powerful as we considered it to be, sometimes doesn't materialize into a physical thing. It is during the contemplation of that fact (hindsight), that the awareness of what did manifest generally had to do with being aligned with our growth and in alignment with what our Creator, our Higher Power, had in mind for us. Through analysis we came to the conclusion that we could FORCE - win-lose) the issue to create or manifest things that were not in alignment, but by working through POWER - win-win), the manifestation would happen naturally without stress, grief and hardship. Thus our relationship to our Spiritual side was allowed to grow and progress.

First was the material --- the Body): you work hard - play hard - break - go to a doctor - he or she would fix you, so you could go back to working hard. People on this level are always thinking that the rewards would be there for those who earned them through hard work and doing, only to come to the realization later on in life that this was many times a disabling, untrue belief. As long as we continue to manifest on a physical plane we will always fall into a category of a human doing.

Second came the metaphysical --- the Mind): beyond the material - into the ethereal - nothing happens without the mind conceiving it first. It must happen as a thought before it can manifest into a material thing. Thoughts themselves are considered material things. And when you think passionately enough about something, it will normally turn into action and the physical equivalent of the thought will become real. Sometimes in order to turn a thought into something physical we choose to apply FORCE - competition), and other times it happens naturally when we allow POWER - service) to work through us. When we use the mental plane to complete a process or to manifest an item, we continue to fall into the category of a human doing.

And finally we come to the Spiritual aspect of life: living in faith --- which is the knowing that all things are already created in abundance for us, in advance of our wanting or needing them. And that by GRACE we are provided with everything we will ever need. This is the time when a person experiences life in a joyful, peaceful, serene manner. Life is GOOD! As we start to exist on or in the Spiritual plane we will finally succeed in becoming a HUMAN BEING.

And so, the trinity becomes Spirit, Mind, and Body. Having moved into the Spiritual plane does not mean that we should stop doing, or stop thinking. It does mean that the doing and thinking should be in alignment with our PURPOSE in life -- staying focused on that which we were meant to be instead of forcing ourselves into positions that are unproductive and disrupt our lives and those around us. The fruits of living on the Spiritual plane are peace and harmony for all, for yourself and everyone you come in contact with.

May everyone reading this article find that joy, peace and serenity. God Bless!

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