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Why knowing God is so important!

by Michael McCright : December 26, 2014

Let me digress and tell a little story.

You're setting in your dwelling place, your house, your apartment, your shack or your culvert and you're reading the daily newspaper.

You come across a story about a man in San Francisco, (Ramon Washington), a multimillionaire, who gives out $100,000 to someone every week.

Knowing that there's been nothing in your mailbox for a month you become resentful and angry. You feel left out!

You become jealous because he has more of the pie than you do.

As you read the story you come to find that he is an engineer who is developed an artificial eye, to help those who are blind. With this realization you understand that he is not only richer, but also probably smarter than you and the jealousy grows. You had to drop out of school to help support your family.

Life seems so unfair! Your anger and jealousy towards this individual seems in your mind to be justified. Even though you've never met him, under your breath you call him names.

A question comes to mind, without some serious searching how would this person come to know you. Have you given of yourself in such a way as to gain notoriety? Have you ever tried to reach out to this individual?

Let's say you took a trip to San Francisco and when walking down the street you ran into Ramon. You really have two options. You could greet him in anger and call him names or you could just stop, say you read about him and introduce yourself.

The question now becomes, have you increased your chances of receiving the $100,000? At least, at this point in time, Ramon is aware that you exist. If you cursed at him, chances are you've nullified any chance of receiving the money. If all you have done was just introduced yourself, you may have increased your chances somewhat but very negligibly.

Later you read that he has also developed a new cochlear implant so that the deaf can hear and he is reaping another fortune from this device. However, your perspective has changed slightly because one of your relatives has received that device and is now able to hear where he or she wasn't able to before.

Instead of being angry, you decide to write Ramon a letter, thanking him for his abilities and his contributions to society. Through this letter, Ramon is going to get to know you even better. The question now becomes have you increased your chances of receiving the hundred thousand dollars? The answer has to be "of course" you have now started to establish a relationship. The greater the relationship, the easier it would be for Ramon to bless you with his gift.

I believe that the same circumstances apply to our Lord and Savior, to God.

If we choose and request, that He not be involved or part of our lives, He will honor that request. If we continually give Him the finger, and curse Him and ignore his teachings, how then can we expect any blessings from Him?

There is something called foxhole mentality. It says that when we are in deep, deep trouble then and only then will we try to negotiate something with God for our benefit. We expect him at that moment in time to give us the hundred thousand dollars and when he ignores our request we increase our anger towards him.

However, it may behoove us to look a little closer at ourselves. What is our part in the relationship?

Do we believe that he created us or do we believe that we just happened?

Do we believe that he blessed us with a mind so that we can learn skills or is it up to us to gain knowledge and skills, in whatever field interests us?

Do we believe that he gifted us with gifts that will help all mankind or do we believe it's up to us to do what we think is best?

There will always be a war between self/EGO and surrendering of that pride. We can do so by accepting God into our lives. You can't think yourself greater than God and then turn around and expect blessings from Him. If you are going to play God then you must expect and accept the consequences of your actions.

The question becomes how can He bless us if we refuse to acknowledge Him? If we refuse to establish a relationship our chances of blessings become less and less.

I hear many people say that they are against religion. I have a tendency to agree with them. However, I do not include God as religion. I do not include the Bible as religion. We may want to change our definition of religion.

My definition: "Religion is man's lousy attempt to tell others who God is and what the Bible says."

If you were to take a whiteboard hanging on the wall and start adding to it everything that God knows, in a short period of time it would become completely black.

If you were to take everything that a human knows you might, if you looked very hard, find a dot, the size of a pinhead in the center of the board.

Whether a scientist, theologian, atheist, psychologist, or any other profession you want to name, their knowledge compared to God's knowledge is nothing.

The question; "why would I want to put my trust in anything they have to say."

Michael McCright
December 26, 2014
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