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Testimonials / Customer Reviews

I just wanted to write and tell you how impressed I was with your video "Holistic Specifics Video Series presents: TMJ RELIEF". The production was first class and the amount of information it provided was extensive. I would recommend this video to anyone who wants to know the reasons that they may have pain in their TMJ as well as how to get relief from it. As a doctor of chiropractic, that's what I look for in any health product for myself and my patients.
-- Jeffery Ring, D.C., Q.M.E.
The "TMJ Relief" DVD was very thorough and informative. I enjoyed the examples that were given in both text and visuals because it helped me to comprehend what was being taught even more. I wish I could have had this included in my curriculum back when I was in massage school. It would have been very beneficial.
-- Mindy Nelson, Massage Therapist and Administrative Assistant
Thank you for the opportunity to view your new DVD. I congratulate you on the professional quality throughout the presentation. You certainly represent a well-qualified referral point for those health practitioners who may not feel qualified to treat these disorders in their own practices.
-- A. Lamar Byrd, DDS
This video is essential for anyone who is suffering from TMJ dysfunction. Not only will you learn the cause of the problem, but the instructors teach you how to properly manage the dysfunction. Their self massage and stretching techniques are awesome!
-- Cameron Sutter, DC
I gained a lot of insight from watching this DVD. As a sufferer of TMJ for the last few years, I found the self-massage treatment incredibly helpful. I have been using the techniques on myself and have helped to reduce the pain completely. Even my chiropractor says my jaw feels brand new! I have been a massage therapist for almost 12 years, and from a professional standpoint, this DVD offers wonderful information for how to treat TMJ sufferers in my practice and further communicate with them about the importance of repairing and repatterning the muscles and joint involved with TMJ. My patients have reported great results since I started using the techniques shown in the DVD. If you or someone you now suffers from TMJ, I would recommend you get this DVD. You won't be sorry.
-- Heather Banks, N.C.M.T.
WOW, I was watching it with my wife who has TMJ. I don't have TMJ but was amazed that I could get some AH-HA's to improve my life as well. Thanks for the video.
-- Nathan Petty, professional videographer
I was very impressed with your TMJ Relief video. It was so much more than I expected! The information in the Special Features and what you covered in the video is excellent information for general care for everyone!

The illustrations and demonstrations were excellent. I especially liked the way you worked your fists together to show the movement and wear of joints, and the twisted towel and blood tube were so easy to understand. The movement from segment to segment was smooth and professional. The content and production quality were outstanding.
-- Donna Peterson, U.S. Customs