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  • Core Techniques for Developing Symmetry in the Body
    Core Techniques for Developing Symmetry in the Body


Core Exercises was filmed with you in mind. As Posture Analysis Specialists we observe many individuals that have dysfunctional posture. Dysfunctional posture is comprised of many parts of the body which are out of symmetry. All that means is that one side of the body is out of balance with the other or that the front of the body is not balanced with the back or a combination.

Dysfunctional posture most always leads to other maladies. Headaches and TMJ are many times created by heads that are too far forward on the body. Knees and Hips may require replacement only because of torque applied in the manner that they were not designed to move. That torque causes friction, which in turn will cause ligaments and cartilage to wear out. Back pain, shoulder pain, Arthritis, Bursitis, bulging discs, herniated discs, Achilles tendon problems as well as plantar fasciitis can all in some way be attributed to bad posture. If you have a tendency to slump forward, it puts pressure on the abdominal cavity causing intestinal or other organ problems. This list could go on and on, and we can tie many common problems that people attribute to old age or accidents back to non-symmetry of the body.

One of the ways to get beyond dysfunctional posture is to develop a program that brings symmetry back to the body. It begins by doing something different that what you have been doing. Stretching and exercising in a dysfunctional manner will strengthen dysfunctional muscles, not necessarily the ones that should be strengthened.

Our video begins by recommending and showing how to do some simple E-cises recommended by Pete Egoscue in his book Pain Free. Once you have conditioned the body to perform functionally, then it is important to strengthen those muscles that have the most to do with posture, those would be the Core Muscles. The muscles contained in the abdominal area, coupled with the muscles in the hip area and the large upper muscles in the legs.

Our video defines the Why's, the How's and the cautions that go along with starting an exercise program.

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