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Movement Release Techniques

  • Unlock Your Everyday Stress, Pain and Tension with Movement
    Unlock Your Everyday Stress, Pain and Tension with Movement


Movement is a very broad term and every person interprets it in their own way. Many are very controlled in their movements while others can throw their bodies around like a piece of paper picked up by a breeze.

Without movement there is no life. When the heart stops beating we die. When the lungs stop moving and we're getting no oxygen into our bodies, we die. When the brain stops sending the autonomous thought signals to the body we deteriorate rapidly. Many times those autonomic thoughts are ones triggered and controlled by fear (fear of movement), and that fear, which limits or controls our movement, is the beginning of a downward spiral.

If we limit our motion or movement because of a fear of creating greater aches and pains, then that limitation will lead to tighter muscles. Tight muscles hurt and the less we move them the tighter they get and consequently the more our body will hurt. The fear of movement creates the downward spiral. Are you consciously controlling your movements because of fear, or can you unconsciously allow your body to move freely and unrestrained?

The more rigid your muscles are, the denser they are. The more relaxed you are, the more elongated and flowing the muscles will be, enabling you to move freely. Lack of easy fluid movement in the body creates dense muscles. Adding neuromuscular movements will open the joints and increase fluidity within the muscles.

As we mature, we will find it harder and harder to overcome the aging process. Thus it's important to prioritize what benefits us most. We're going to discuss the benefits of external movements on the body.

Most people don't know how to bring the body back into that fluid state that babies and young children exist in. You get fluidity through movement. And it's random movement, without thought or control that provides that fluidity. The process that we are talking about, Moving Release Techniques (MRT), and we recommend developing these exercises as a daily habit

What we would like to remind you of and for you to remember - is that bones don't move bones - Muscles Do! So if your posture is not ideal, it can be attributed to the muscles. The other thing to remember is that the body is a unit - not like a car or some other machine. You can have a flat tire on a car and it won't affect the engine or the transmission. However, if something in the body is out of alignment, the rest of the body will be affected.

The whole idea behind Moving Release Techniques is to gain fluidity, open up the joints, and gain full range of motion. It's a very challenging exercise to begin and utilize in your life. Hearing strange noises, learning to feel discomfort and not react to it by tightening is very challenging.

We highly recommend that you use the attitude that you have the rest of your life to become fluid. You are the commander in chief and you need to make the decision about how fast and how intense these movement exercises become.

The Moving Release Techniques (MRT) DVD makes it very simple. It uses easy plain terms and clear examples to guide you through each and every movement. From the top of the head to the tips of the toes, fluid, open movement can be yours with just a little bit of practice.

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